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Help Needed: Hurricane Harvey Relief With Texas NENA

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Texas NENA — The Texas Chapter of the National Emergency Number (9-1-1) Association — has reached out to Genesis with very specific requests for hard goods they desperately need. They have three distribution centers set up for Public Safety personnel in the Texas Hurricane Harvey Disaster zone that needs our help now. They have specifically requested we help them only with the items that they need and nothing else. As a result, Genesis will not be able to accept or deliver anything that isn’t specifically on their list.  At this time, they are not equipped to manage or distribute secondhand items, so donations need to be new items in easily distributable packaging. They asked that we not send “travel-sized” containers of supplies (for example tiny bottles of hand sanitizer or hotel shampoos).

Bring your items to The Genesis Group, 5800 Eagles Nest Blvd. in Tyler. Our trailer will hit the road early Tuesday morning. We are so grateful to everyone for their generosity as we help our neighbors on the Texas Gulf Coast in their time of need. Thanks to our friends at Grace EmBEDded for the use of their trailer.

Urgent needs

    • Dish soap
    • Mops, brooms, push brooms, and dustpans
    • Garden water hoses
    • Shovels and garden rakes (not leaf rakes, the hard-tine rakes)
    • 5-gallon paint buckets
    • Plastic totes with lids (used to store items salvaged from homes)
    • Spray bottles (plastic handheld), hose-end garden sprayers
    • Box fans
    • Mosquito spray with DEET
    • Paper plates, utensils, cups
    • Manual can openers
    • Laundry detergent (specifically, the “pods”)
    • Plastic laundry baskets (used for clothes and storing items salvaged from homes)
    • New bath towels and washcloths
    • New bedding (pillows, sheets, pillowcases)
    • First-aid supplies (assorted blister bandages, assorted large water-resistant bandages)
    • School supplies
    • Pet food
    • Baby powder
    • Baby lotion
    • Baby formula (powder – name brand, able to mix with water)
    • Baby bottles
    • Gold Bond powder
    • Flip flops for showers
    • Hygiene products
    • Brushes/combs
    • Hair accessories
    • Body lotion
    • Hand sanitizers (large bottles)
    • Coffee makers (with coffee and 100 filters)
    • Hair blow dryers
    • Curling irons


Genesis will be providing the following items:

    • N95+ face masks (mold abatement)
    • Wheelbarrows
    • Heavy gauge extension cords
    • Wet/dry shop vacuums
    • Microwave ovens
    • Small electric appliances (toaster ovens, toasters, etc)
    • Air mattresses (guest bed type mattresses)


Texas NENA website

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