Advanced Power Manager

Advanced Power Monitor

Remote monitoring, archiving & reporting on the RFI Advanced Power Monitor

Genesis solutions are modular and have the ability to provide a comprehensive view of much more than just the APM. On ASTRO® 25, Dimetra, and MOTOTRBO® systems, Genesis correlates call activity, busies, system health, and a vast amount of additional data, along with RF power information from the APM. This means system owners have an unparalleled view of the user’s call experience from multiple angles.

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Features At A Glance

  • Current power levels are monitored with multiple data streams including ATIA, APM, and others.
  • Power levels on a per-call basis can be viewed.
  • While information is gathered, it is recorded and stored in SQL databases for long-term archiving.
  • Live activity may be paused and resumed in real-time.
  • Archived data may be analyzed for trending reports over time.
  • Triggers may be established with variable thresholds. Triggered events, such as high/low VSWR levels or power spikes, can send an alert, sound an alarm, close a relay, or perform other user-defined functions.
  • Notifications are pushed to key personnel via email, SMS, or SMTP.
  • As a centralized solution offering remote analysis, on-site visits are mitigated, saving valuable company resources.

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