Provisioning Manager Interface

Provisioning Manager Interface

Simple remote provisioning through the Motorola Provisioning Manager

A GenWatch3® add-on, the Genesis PMI Enhancement works as a standalone solution, integrates with other Genesis performance management solutions, or integrates with third-party accounting and billing/asset management applications. It allows system operators to manage various system applications and assets through a single point of entry.

The Genesis Provisioning Manager Enhancement makes it possible for simple remote provisioning through the Motorola PMI and synchronization with third-party asset management and accounting software. With one intuitive interface, securely exchange information across multiple applications.

Genesis Two-Way Radio System Software
ASTRO 25 first responder system management

Features At A Glance

  • Connects to the ASTRO® 25 7.13 or higher Provisioning Manager Interface
  • Integrates with GenWatch3
  • Extends provisioning capabilities to any remote GenWatch3 client
  • Simple integration point for third-party application providers through GenIIB
  • Genesis-provided API allows providers to easily add the ability to sync with the ASTRO 25 Core Database
  • Allows application providers to easily add the ability to provision on ASTRO 25 with a single point of entry without risk to the integrity of the process
    • Accounting/billing systems
    • Asset/fleet management systems
    • Internally-developed applications
    • MCM CommShop 360 already integrated

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