GW3-TRBO – Ensure System Availability


Monitor and proactively manage MOTOTRBO Systems

Ensure System Availability

Let The Software Do The Heavy Lifting!

When users key-up their radio, they depend on getting immediate access to the system. At-a-glance information within GW3-TRBO® helps you to anticipate capacity requirements and prevent system busies. External notifications with customizable parameters provide you with the flexibility to be away from your system yet stay in the know about the most critical items. The ability to manage by exception, rather than one event at a time, keeps you focused on the events that have the highest risk of impacting system performance.

Refer to the GW3-TRBO Solution Briefs for more details.

GW3-TRBO Use Case

It’s the middle of the night and the GW3-TRBO Trigger Module sends the System Administrator a text notification that one of the five repeaters has had a PA failure. By quickly logging into the GW3-TRBO browser-delivered dashboard from their tablet they’re able to confirm that there is additional capacity available on the system and that based on historical averages this will be enough capacity. With this information, the System Administrator can wait until normal business hours to resolve the issue, avoiding the costliness of dispatching a technician in the middle of the night.

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