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Maximize Investment

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GW3-TRBO® provides centralized, actionable information that enables you to quickly make important decisions about the health of your MOTOTRBO® system. Its straightforward interface keeps you up-to-date about how your system is being utilized and provides instant access to critical details and analytics. Managing your system with GW3-TRBO will improve user satisfaction as well as give you time to focus on what matters most.

Refer to the GW3-TRBO Solution Briefs for more details.

GW3-TRBO Use Case

A company with several locations has one facility struggling with system busies and cannot figure out why. They had carefully planned out this facility’s user-profiles and system capacity with the local manager. From the company’s headquarters, Corporate IT was able to log into their centralized GW3-TRBO browser-delivered dashboards to drill down into this particular site. They saw that usage was higher than expected, even though no major events had occurred.

After running GW3-TRBO reports, they discovered that a handful of users were overloading the system with extra-long conversations. The Activities by Radio Over Time report highlighted the top users to the local System Administrator who determined it was a training issue and quickly re-trained their users. Shortly after, Corporate IT confirmed that the system had returned to performing as expected.

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