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Monitor and proactively manage MOTOTRBO Systems

Optimize Performance

Knowledge is Power!

A well-managed system requires proactive system planning for capacity to ensure minimal downtime. GW3-TRBO’s centralized management of all sites provides visibility to every aspect of system performance.  This empowers you to address issues before they impact capacity and user experience.

Refer to the GW3-TRBO® Solution Briefs for more details.

GW3-TRBO Use Case

A System Administrator has heard from a few user groups experiencing several busies during the first few hours of their workday. With this information, a GW3-TRBO System Diagnostics report was run to analyze activity from the last week. The report confirmed that during that same timeframe each day, two of the four repeaters at their site were frequently reporting FCC interference, essentially removing half of their expected capacity.

The historical data provided in this report pinpointed exactly when the interference reports started and stopped each day. This allowed the culprit to be identified as a new construction site near their radio tower, where work crews were illegally using their frequencies.

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