Genesis Welcomes Wondo Choung

Wondo Choung is a full-stack web developer from Seattle, Washington. He enjoys working in a team structure and considers himself a full-time student to the developer world. He spends his time writing clean readable code and considers it an honor when he is taught/shown something new. Apart from the developer world, he enjoys hiking with his wife, camping, 90s music, and playing team sports with his friends.


Five-Star Friday – June, 2018

Solution Highlight: GenWatch3 ATIA SkyView

GenWatch3 ATIA SkyView shows real-time views of affiliated radio IDs and talkgroups, busies, instant site usage, and more. This makes it simple to understand talkpath traffic flow system-wide. SkyView can integrate with tiles from your favorite mapping application.

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Five-Star Friday – May, 2018

Solution Highlight: Scheduled Reporting

Set it and forget it with web-based scheduled reporting in iVista! Set desired parameters of the GenWatch3 iVista reports and schedule each report to run as often as desired setting it to query your databases during slow times. Reports will run in the background and display results in the ready tab instantly available to you as needed. System owners can provide as many logins to iVista as needed to view reports. Reports can be exported to excel, PDF, email or print. For more information contact Sales:
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Five-Star Friday – April, 2018

Solution Highlight: MCM Integration

The Genesis – MCM integration enables Genesis customers to use the the MCM CommShop 360 Asset Management Solution as the single point of entry to provision subscribers all the way through to the switch. This provides users with the ability to provision radios directly from the MCM Application. With it, users can enable/disable voice and data per master ID, assign and change master IDs, edit the alias and much more. The Radio Sync Interface connects GenWatch3® to the MCM application to allow the radio specific information from the radio system to be shared with the MCM database. For more information, please contact or

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Justice is Served Event With CASA for Kids of East Texas

CASA for Kids of East Texas provides valuable volunteer advocacy for abused children in the community. CASA volunteers serve as the "eyes and ears" for the judge in child welfare cases. Last evening, Genesis was honored to provide technical and logistical support for their annual Justice is Served event, which raises funds for CASA to continue the good work they do for children in East Texas.

CASA for Kids of East Texas


Genesis Welcomes Andre Padilla

The latest addition to our GenLabs all-star cast is Colorado native André Padilla. Prior to his career in software testing, André worked at IBM and Coral Systems as a System Engineer and Client Support Technician. In those capacities, he installed and maintained cellphone fraud systems in the Philippines, Chile and Mexico. André has over ten years of experience in software testing working for Lightbridge, Inc., Catalyst Repository Systems, Dish Network, and Trueffect, Inc. When he is not behind a computer monitor, he is an avid golfer as well as a "cruiser" — he and his wife have adventured the high seas in the Caribbean and plan to soon weigh anchor in the Mediterranean. The Padillas have a full house with five daughters and nine grandkids.


Five-Star Friday – March, 2018

Solution Highlight: Ops Bridge MoM

The Genesis Ops Bridge Manager of Managers provides a single pane of glass view across a multi-technology, multi-vendor network, eliminating the need to individually monitor multiple systems. All major network components are consolidated into the Ops Bridge MoM including: radios, backhaul network, CEN networks, voice loggers and several other servers and applications.

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Family Open House Night

It was an honor and privilege to meet the people behind Team Genesis and Genesis PULSE — the families who support, nurture, encourage and guide us all.


Next-Level Developers Become Scrum Masters

According to, 18.2 million people worldwide develop software professionally. Less than 1% of those become Scrum Masters. This week, we recognized our developers who have achieved Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Product Owner status through the certification program. With their expertise and leadership, our future is brighter than ever.

Congratulations to our Professional Scrum Masters (pictured L-R): Kirby Hearn, Jay Hopping, Shannon Latham, James Wansley, Michael Rainer, Chris Fair, Marcus Carey, Robert Boggs, as well as our Professional Scrum Product Owners: Dale Clarkston and Chad Richey.


Five-Star Friday – February, 2018

Solution Highlight

GADIGADI® — Genesis-Aided Dispatch Interface — enhances the standard features in the Motorola MCC 7500 Dispatch Console to improve dispatcher efficiency and increase officer safety. The GADI suite provides a valuable toolset to existing dispatch centers or meets functional requirements during the design phase of a new ASTRO® 25 or Dimetra system. GADI client software resides on each console position and communicates with the Centralized GADI Server. A hot standby server is also available for demanding uptime requirements.
GADI Solution
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